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Please note this workshop takes place on consecutive Saturdays.

  • Saturday, 16 March: This is a two-part workshop with the goal to refresh, motivate and inspire those who haven’t ridden for a long time. Part one focuses on bicycle set-up, and safe riding skills including mounting, dismounting, braking and balancing and maintaining balance when scanning, hand-signalling and navigating around obstacles.
  • Saturday, 23 March: Part two covers communication when riding as a family or group and puts the learned skills into practice during an actual social ride, which will be around 15 kilometres long at a slow pace (below 20km/hour).
  • Bring your own bike, but if you do not own one we can provide you with a bicycle. Let the City of Melville TravelSmart team know if you require a small, medium or large bicycle.

Bookings are essential.