Wednesday, 11 March 2020 at 09:00 AM


Albert Facey House
Entrance off Forrest Place 469 Wellington Street Perth, WA 6000

About this Event

Our first Your Move Forum for the year promises to make your life easier by transforming your commute into time well spent. In Australia, full-time workers spend 5.75 hours a week on average travelling to and from work.

How can we help you make the most of this time? The insights from this forum will change your commute for the better and will help you promote active transport in your workplace.

Facilitated by Claire Vanderplank, this innovative and creative workshop, is designed to elicit stories. Claire will invite us to her 'Long Table.' The Long Table is part performance piece, part dialogue process, where participants can alternate between being observers and players on the Long Table. This format acknowledges that everyone is an expert on the commute with valuable insights to share. We will be joined by researcher David Bissell to hear what he found from close observation of commuting in Sydney, including interviews with 53 commuters

Claire is a facilitator and stakeholder engagement specialist who has worked in the health, energy and transport sectors. Through her business, Weapons of Mass Creation, she runs immersive nature-based programs that assist participants to lead and work from a more connected place. Claire once rode a bicycle from Mexico to Argentina and is a committed bicycle commuter.

David is Associate Professor in the School of Geography, University of Melbourne. He has explored the ways that commuting is transforming city life, culminating in his book Transit Life. He also researches the social impacts of mobile work and working in the gig economy.

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