Kent St Weir
Kent St, Wilson WA

Kent Street Weir is part of the Canning River Regional Park. The section downstream from the Kent Street Weir contains some of the best estuarine vegetation in the Swan Canning Riverpark. Most famously at this point of the Canning River both estuarine and riverine waters are divided by the Kent Street Weir.

The tidal influence is blocked by the weir and as a consequence the upstream water is relatively fresh particularly in winter months due to the higher seasonal rainfall. Since the construction of the Kent Street Weir, the alluvial islands have altered, some disappearing, new ones have formed and others joining up with the main channel banks.

The Kent Street Weir is a popular recreation spot and has a pedestrian crossing on top of the concrete piles. There are barbecues, sheltered picnic tables, children's playground and a designated canoe launching facility.

This is also the site of the Canning River Eco Education Centre, which is focused on increasing awareness and understanding of the Canning River and the Park through environmental primary and secondary education programmes and activities.