Mount Flora Regional Museum
Elvire Street, Watermans Bay, WA 6020

Mount Flora Museum

Explore the City of Stirling’s history through photographs, displays, artefacts and stories at our Mount Flora Museum.

The mezzanine floor focuses on social history through photographs and artefacts. You can look through ‘windows into the past’ to see what typical rooms looked like in the early days. Our exhibits include a kitchen with various historical utensils and a wood-burning stove, and a dining table set for that night’s family dinner.

During WWII the museum’s lookout was an observation post. Now you can go up the stairs and see the most beautiful panoramic views of the City’s northern beaches. The lookout features a stunning mural by Anne-Maree Pelusey, highlighting the contrast between the land and the sea.

Museum tours

The museum’s curator conducts guided tours where she talks about the history of the museum and gives an insight into the City of Stirling’s history by telling local stories. The museum also welcomes school groups and education programs are developed according to the curriculum. Additional opening hours are also run during School Holidays pending availability and interest.

Opening hours

Wednesday 1.00pm - 4.00pm

Sunday Closed until further notice

 Other times are available by appointment.

For more info visit City of Stirling website