We were so lucky to have Luke from BikeDr come to Thornlie Senior High and service the bikes of some of our students. Jordan thought he was very professional, "he acted as if he was in a workshop. It was good to get a service at school".

Dylan said it was great to have a bike service done at school, "cheaper too!"

I have just heard from Luke and he only serviced 14 bikes even though I had 30 students register to get their bikes serviced. I had to go to a meeting in the city which was unfortunate and did not help. One issue was students locking up their bikes at the start of the day and then we were unable to unlock them if they did not come when we did the PA announcement. I also wonder if doing it immediately after a long weekend did not help as I couldn't do a reminder announcement the day before. I will need to think about how to deal with this issue next time we have the BikeDr come to TSHS. Even though the numbers were disappointing, 14 bikes did get serviced and one student had a broken axel! Another year 7 boy who lives with his mum dropped off his bike with a new tube which Luke fitted.

Thank you so much Your Move for the Super Boost program this term. Bike education sessions start next week and we are in the midst of working on the safe routes to school project.

PS. I did have the Your Move flag up and the Act Belong Commit sign there but you can not see them in the photo!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for giving us such a good rundown of your Bike Dr experience Sue. 14 bikes back on the road is a great outcome, and you have clearly found some ways to make it even better next time. You have earned 40 points for sharing how you used your SuperBoost bonus and a couple of bonuses - 20 points for such a detailed story and another 10 for your excellent reflections on the lessons learned 😊.

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