People on Bicycles come to TSHS for 2 hours in week 9 and 2 hours in week 10. We had a range of abilities in the 10 students who nominated themselves to participate. We had one student who did not know how to ride a bike, one who was not very confident and the others were able to ride but they still learnt a lot. A basic bike check was taught to students, ABCD, air, brakes, chain and drop (gently!) as well as techniques like scanning, indicating and changing gears. Looking at the smiles, the students enjoyed themselves. We hope to offer the bike education again next term.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back for term 3 Sue 😊. It is great to hear that you now have 10 students more confident to be out there on their bikes. I have just given you 10 more points for sharing this "part 2" of the outcome of your Super Boost grant.

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