Changes in behaviour in a month...

Sue James
Thornlie Senior High School

Not necessarily all good changes in a month though! We conducted our hands up survey again last week, on a Thursday. We had no year 11 or year 12 students at school and it was a glorious day. We had finished our reward activity and we wanted to see if it had made any difference to the students riding. We saw a 3% increase in bike riding but it was reflected in a significant drop in students walking, 7%! There were small increases in students coming by public transport, 1% and a 2% increase in car travel. Overall we have tipped over that 50% point and there are now more students coming by car rather active travel. :(

We are still not getting to every class, as classes sometimes shift classrooms or have excursions etc. There were 52 bikes and scooters in the bike compound on the day of the Hands Up survey but only 48 students said that they rode or scooted to school. Our data is still not really accurate.

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