Engineering class making scooter locks

Sue James

We are so lucky to have our year 12 engineering class design and make some scooter locks for our school. They started with a site visit to the bike compound and looked at where they might put the final product. They are finalising the designs now and are about to order the materials.

Here are some photos of the students with their designs on the computer.

We will keep you updated with photos as the locks are being built. The students tell me that there will be provision for 15 scooters!

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James (Your Move)

Very impressive Sue and the Engineering crew! Your "create your own" activity has earned you 15 points plus a big 30 points bonus. Of course, when the racks are installed you can get another 80 points for the parking itself - I hope you don't have anything against double dipping 🤣!

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Thank you James. I have no problems about "double dipping" as long as it is Covid safe! :) The scooter racks are very exciting.

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James (Your Move)

Double dipping ok as long as 2m distance and masks worn 😷!

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