It has been a very busy and hot term with a few challenges along the way. We finally got to have a planning meeting in week 5. We had a new student attend but we have realised that we need to do a bit of a recruitment drive. In the end we had 4 students, 2 P & C members, an EA and the school nurse.

The big thing on the horizon is Ride2School day on the 22nd March. We drafted a list of jobs for the day. Some jobs have already been attended to, like we have already written to our local member asking for a donation and we have registered. The prizes for Ride2School day have been collected. The students have decided to have a dress your bike and yourself competition (if we get approval), with an 80's theme.

We did acknowledge that we achieved the level of Double Platinum for the third year in a row. We discussed whether we could have it presented to the Your Move team during an assembly. Sue will follow up with the Principal. We also discussed when to do the Hands Up survey for term 1. We tentatively thought about the 7th of March.

Next meeting is planned for the Monday the 7th, which makes no sense, given that the Monday in week 7 is the 11th. We made an executive decision and decided the next meeting will be on the 14th March to finalise our plans for Ride2School Day.

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Hi Sue, great to hear the team is up and running for the year. ‚ú®Please let us know when you have completed the activities on the list so we can allocate points. You have gained 60 points for your first meeting and 10 for your story. Looking forward to seeing lots of 80s bikes! 😁

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