One of our year 8 classes offered to collate and analyse our Hands Up Survey for 2021. They have done some great analysis, as illustrated below, (see teacher feedback below), coming up with some interesting results. Disappointing is the downward trend of students riding to school this year. Only 8% of year 7 students travelled by bike or scooter and 11% of year 8's. A significant number of students across all year levels walk to school, however more than half travel to school by car. In addition to the survey, we asked those year 11 and 12 students who travelled by car, how many drove themselves. Interestingly, this was 5% of these 2 year groups. What has been of further note is that when I counted the bikes and scooters in the bike compound on the day we did the Hands Up survey, there were only 55, when 76 students said they rode or scooted to school that day! I wonder where the other 21 bikes or scooters were? I think that 3 or 4 students store them in staff offices around the school and I have since found that 2 or 3 students store them under a demountable, but that does not account for all of them. Obviously safe scooter storage is an issue at our school but it is one that we identified last year and consequently we approached our D & T department at the end of the year resulting in a year 11 class working on a solution. Stay tuned for more updates.

Hello Sue,

Today, my Year 8s have been amazing learning to find percentages and drawing graph using Excel Spreadsheet. They learnt it so quickly and I am proud of them..

Have been an excellent outcome teaching...

I have uploaded four of the spreadsheets done by my year 8s - Pathway 1.

Thank you Sue for giving us the opportunity to participate and learn and teach.

Priya and Year 8 Pathway students.



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James (Your Move)

Very interesting Sue and Priya. Intriguing is the drop off in cycling for year 11s and 12s, when you would imagine it might increase as students become more independent. The 5% of year 12s driving themselves would explain some of this, but not all. I'll also be interested to hear if you find an explanation to the bike count inconguencies. Great to hear that the year 11s are working on a scooter parking solution. You have earned 15 points for the HUS analysis lesson, plus 10 points for the detailed discussion.

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