Our Hands Up survey this week shows that we still have more students actively getting to school than coming by car. The number of students coming by car has increased 5 % compared to March and an 8 % increase compared to November last year. This could be a worrying trend and is worthy of further investigation. We have had a 1% increase in students riding or scooting to school but a 4 % decrease in walking and a 3% decrease in catching public transport when comparing November 2019 to November 2020 data.

In a survey of seven (7) random classes students were asked how many students live closer than a 5 minute drive to school. 37% of students indicated that they lived a 5 minute drive, or less, from school. This is interesting data that suggests with some further promotion of active travel to and from school we could decrease the number of students who travel by car to school.

Some improvements in our survey this year included an increase in participants. We surveyed 709 students this year and at the same time last year, 422. There were no Year 12 students included in the surveys as they have finished school for the year. We had NAIDOC celebrations this week and so some classes were a little chaotic. We continue to trial different methods of conducting the Hands Up Survey. Today a staff member walked into every class and surveyed each class except for those sitting assessments and those that could not be found.

The Your Move student group will meet next week to plan for 2021. Our survey indicates that we have a big year ahead in promoting active travel to and from school.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your rich reflection on survey results Sue. I can understand you concerns for seeing a falling (if slight) rate of walking and public transport use. There could be a number of factors influencing this - eg was it only this year that year 12s weren't in the survey? That could have a significant influence. And yes anything out of the ordinary, like NAIDOC activities, could also have an effect, especially if students are arriving at school with costumes or other items. It is good to hear that your survey rates are up, that is an important improvement. Hopefully 2021 will be a bit more of a normal year that 2020 and you'll be able to really get into the swing of things without pesky pandemic interruptions! You have automatically earned 50 points for uploading your survey results and I have given you 10 points here for your detailed reflection of your survey results.

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Thanks James for your comments and points. The year 12 would not have been included in our survey in November 2019 because they finish up during week 2 of term 4. Our Health and Wellbeing working party met this morning and they were trying to justify the lower active rates and apart from Naidoc week we could not come up with any other reason for the decrease in active transport. Yes, roll on 2012!

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James (Your Move)


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