Hands Up Survey November 2022

Sue James
Thornlie Senior High School

It is the time of year that I dread. The results are little bit demoralising but on the good side, I get 10,000 steps easily going to every class over 4 periods. In comparison to the results in November 2019, we are going backwards!!! Is this Covid related, it is students getting lazier, it is related to something else....

We have more students coming to school by car that we did in November 2019. We have a roof over the bike compound, we have run various promotion activities, we have maps of ways to ride to school, we have a repair station, all thanks to Your Move. All of this work is not translating to more students walking, riding, scooting or catching public transport to and from school.

Our statistics this time were similar to November last year. The year 12 students have left school and this year I did the survey in the last week of our year 11 students so my guess is that we will have had a number away. The challenge is finding a suitable week to do the survey in a high school, away from assessments and workplace learning and other demands on the school calendar.

I did count the bikes and scooters in the compound and we had 38 bikes and 3 scooters. This did not equate to the number who told me that they had ridden or scooted to school. 55 students told me that they had ridden or scooted to school. So either students are parking bikes and scooters in other areas in the school or they normally ride and feel bad that they did not on the survey day or they are telling me what they think I want to know!

Some students who ride most days don't ride on a Tuesday as they have music practice and are unable to carry their instrument on their bikes. It will be worth changing days of the week next year and seeing if that makes a difference to riding numbers.

We have a planning period and lunch in week 9 to plan for 2023. The Hands Up data will be very useful to present to the students and to see what ideas they come up with.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for such a detailed reflection (even if you are feeling a bit down 😟!). One ray of sunshine, if it helps, is that you are not alone - I am reading lots of survey reflections saying very similar things. I do wonder if covid is a factor - but it was too last year, so it doesn't offer an obvious explanation. I think this is something the team at Your Move HQ will have to brainstorm for 2023. One thing is for sure that measuring travel behaviour at schools has always been difficult - and it is very interesting that you have found big inconsistencies between the HUS results and bike counts. Some good news is that you have earned 20 points for your detailed reflection here.

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Thank you James. It is good to hear that we are not alone... it is frustrating though! Lets see what 2023 brings. I am looking forward to the Trek2School study that hopefully will occur in term 2. I am going to try and promote a little more on Facebook and target the parents.

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