Hands Up survey results Nov 23....

Sue James
Thornlie Senior High School

I have to say that doing this survey is a bit disheartening until I go and enter the data and I am then pleasantly surprised! I am astounded the number of students who still come by car. A number of students have said to me that they get dropped off and then they walk home so I might ask an additional question next year and see if anyone who comes by car is walking home.

The good news is that the gradual increase in car travel that occurred since November 2019, (41%) to the peak in November 2022 (52%) has begun to reverse November 2023 (46%). Bike riding decreased but it too has improved back to 10% of travel.

There has been a big increase in public transport use, I wonder if this is due to the increasing cost of living. It would be good to do some research and calculate the cost of driving students to school for a year and advertise that in the school community.

The other interesting thing is the drop in cycling and walking from the beginning of the year. We have plans to conduct the bike check-ups next year along with the Ride2School day and to also advertise some points around the school, about 600m from school where parents can drop students off and they walk the remainder of the way. Hopefully we can continue to increase the active travel and decrease the car travel.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sue - firstly, yes it is great to see that the car trips are reducing and that AT has increased since last year, even if it not so clear compared to the start of the year. The recent hot weather has been a big factor for many schools so you should consider that. Great that you have some plans for bike checks and park and walks for 2024. And yes, I think the differences in the trips to school and home could be quite significant. You have earned 10 points for these reflections on top of the 50 you automatically got when you submitted these survey results. Have a super weekend, Sue 😁.

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