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Your Move – Term 2

We were lucky enough to be able to access the Super Boost program last term. We have sent 2 staff off for bike education training, had the BikeDr come to school to service bikes, we had People On Bicycles come two weeks in a row and we are mapping the safe routes to school. It was such an exciting term!

BikeDR visits TSHS

We were so lucky to have Luke from BikeDr come to Thornlie Senior High and service the bikes of some of our students. Jordan thought he was very professional, "he acted as if he was in a workshop. It was good to get a service at school".

Dylan said it was great to have a bike service done at school, "cheaper too!"

Bike Education sessions for Year 7 students

People on Bicycles come to TSHS for 2 hours in Week 9 and 2 hours in Week 10. We had a range of abilities in the 10 students who nominated themselves to participate. We had one student who did not know how to ride a bike, one who was not very confident and the others were able to ride but they still learnt a lot. A basic bike check was taught to students, ABCD, air, brakes, chain and drop (gently!) as well as techniques like scanning, indicating and changing gears. Looking at the smiles, the students enjoyed themselves We hope to offer the bike education again this term. Any students interested can get a permission form off Sue James in the Health Centre and put their name down

Bike lock available to be borrowed

For all of those students who forget their bike lock one day, all is not lost. The Manolas Family have donated the school a bike lock that can be loaned out to students who forget their lock. The bike lock lives in the Health Centre so please come and see Sue James if you need to borrow it. We have only had the lock a few weeks and it has already been borrowed twice.

Big thank you to the Manolas Family for their thoughtful and very useful donation

Safe Routes to School

We have worked with Westcycle to map the safest routes to school. We have a stencilling activity later in the term, please see Sue in the Health Centre if you would like to participate in the stencilling activity.

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