Inclusion in the City of Gosnells Bike Path Plan

Sue James

Our YOUR MOVE team is very excited to be contributing to the City of Gosnells' Bike Path Plan which will guide Councillors to improve infrastructure over the next ten years, creating safe, continuous cycle paths for its citizens to cycle to school, work, train stations, shopping areas and recreational spots.

Our YOUR MOVE team completed an online interactive survey late 2021 to identify missing paths and dangerous road crossings on route to Thornlie Senior High and the two Primary Schools on the same road as us. Several adult members also attended a community consultation evening to speak with two experts commissioned by the City of Gosnells to develop the Bike Path Plan. These experts were very pleased with the activities our YOUR MOVE team has undertaken over the last two years and invited us to submit a summary of our activities and explain strategies that have and haven't worked as we try to reach our goals of increasing safe active travel to and from school and decreasing short car trips. We are looking forward to reading the draft of the City of Gosnells Bike Path Plan in the near future and seeing our YOUR MOVE Summary included.

You can read our summary and hopefully it will give your team some more ideas that you can try at your school.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for this update on TSHS's contibutions to the Gosnells Bike Plan process. Everyone's engagement in this process this year has earned you 30 points, and you have earned another 20 for your explaination of the process and for including your informative attachment. It must have been rather satisfying to compile all the achievements from the past couple of years - it certainly all adds up 🤩!

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