After a survey, we found the majority of students riding to school were older students and not as many younger students were riding.

One of the Your Move students thought of the solution and worked with her uncle to design and manufacture the sign. Our school installed the sign aimed at reminding people that once they lock their bikes up, to leave and be on their way. It was one of our first steps at encouraging younger students to ride and not be intimidated by older students chatting in the compound or be put off riding their bikes to school.

After the sign was installed no one continued to hang around the bike area, we are hoping this brings down one of the barriers for why our lower school students are not riding.

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James (Your Move)

HI Sue - your story illustrates a great example of identifying a problem and removing a barrier to increased active travel at Thornlie - well done to the team! Your project has earned you 25 points for addressing bike security (and use) and a further 15 bonus points for the innovation.

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