This term has certainly started in a flurry of activities and Covid, making for an interesting start to the term.

Your Move

The Your Move team have had a busy term and it is only week 4. We celebrated National Ride2School day on the 6th of May as we had postponed it from term 1 with the schools focus firmly on teaching and learning in term 1. Students who rode a bike, scooter or roller blades got a raffle ticket. If they were wearing a helmet then they got an extra ticket. We ended up 61 bikes, scooters and roller blades. On the Wednesday before we only had 50 bikes in the compound so that was a 20% increase!

We had a fantastic array of prizes, including $500 of Bike shop vouchers kindly donated by Mr Chris Tallentire, MP as well as bike helmets, lights, pumps and locks that we got last year, cashing in some of our Your Move reward points.

Some of the prizes were worn on the way home!

Winners of the $100 gift vouchers were Ashton Nelson, Evelyn Furlong, Kinston Wei, Gabriel Emerson and Bradley Hunt. Winners of the other prizes were Daniel Kim, Adam Bayliss, Riley Pearce, Declan Brown, Austin Hodges, Leila de Vries, Emily Hughes and Amy Booth.

Congratulations to all of the prize winners.

Official Opening of the Bike Shelter

We held the official opening of the bike shelter on Ride2School day. Our special guests were Ms Katy Sullivan from the Department of Transport and Mr Chris Tallentire, MP. Mrs McDonald said a few words and then asked Ms Sullivan to cut the ribbon and declare the Bike shelter open. Mr Tallentire then said a few words. Students are very pleased with the shelter, protecting their bikes from sun, rain and bird poop!

After the speeches we went to the conference room for the presentation of the prizes of Ride2School day and a delicious morning tea.
It was a great day.

Walk to School day

Our Walk to School day was a little damp but that did not stop 35% of our students walking on Friday, 20th May. A quick count of bikes and scooters found that 5% of students rode a bike or scooted to school on Friday as well. It was very entertaining to be out the front of school handing out stickers and raffle tickets to those who walked to school or walked to a bus stop and then caught a bus to school. Walk to School day coincided with our student councils “Cosy” free dress day. We saw dressing gowns, PJ’s, track suits, Onesy’s and Oodies…

Students who walked to school went in a draw for one of 20 canteen vouchers. Here are some of our winners.

Ovens Road Challenge

Our annual challenge with our neighbouring primary schools occurred on Friday, Walk to School Day. Sacred Heart Primary School had 20% of students walk to school and 10% rode bikes or scooters. South Thornlie Primary School.

Thank you’s….

P&C Day

Friday 20 May is P & C day, where school communities can thank their P & C Volunteers for their hard work. The Your Move committee put together a short video to thank our P & C and especially thank Michelle, President, and Tracey, Vice President, for their hard work with Your Move. Both lovely ladies are always attending Your Move meetings, writing stories, handing out raffle tickets or coming up with great ideas.

Children Crossing Guards

The Your Move committee gave a card and a box of chocolates to each of the three Children Crossing Guards at the end of the day on Friday 20 May. It was Road Safety Week and we wanted to thank the guards who assist all of the children to safely cross the road on the way to school.

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James (Your Move)

How marvellous that you managed to include so much information in your school newsletter Sue 🤩. There were also a few elements in there that were new to us, so on top of the 22 points for including YM in the newsletter this term, you also received 25 points for your Thank a Traffic Warden initiative, 25 for your Ovens Road Challenge, 10 points for using social media to promote AT this term and another 20 points for including so many details in your story!

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