It was so exciting to come into school on the first day and see our shiny new bike racks that had been installed over the holidays. We were the proud recipients of a Connecting Schools Grant last year. The new racks have made our bike compound much tidier, and we can get more bikes in. Let's hope that we get more students riding to school to put the bike racks to good use.

Check out the smiles!

So neat and tidy!

Thank you so much to the Your Move team for our grant and organising the installation of the new bike racks. We love them!

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James (Your Move)

Very impressive! I really like how the floor is wood chips - it does make we wonder why we usually go for a big slab with all the cost and carbon emissions involved. Thanks so much for updating us on the outcome of your 2022 Connecting Schools grant - that has earned you 40 points.

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Hi James, The men moved the wood chips out of the way, laid a concrete strip in the middle to bolt the racks to and then put the wood chips back. We did not have a big slab of concrete, just enough to secure the bike racks. It does look good!

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James (Your Move)

Ah - interesting to know! Thanks for that 🙂.

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