New scooter rack opening ceremony!

Sue James
Thornlie Senior High School

The fabulous students from Certificate II in Engineering Pathways and their equally fabulous teacher, Steve Young have designed, made and installed new scooter racks at our bike compound!!!

The opening ceremony was this morning and despite the damp weather, Queen Donna (Principal) cut the ribbon with her subjects in attendance, along with the designers and students from the Your Move working party. It is the last day for our year 12 students and so they were able to dress up for this important occasion. :)

Two more scooter racks will be installed in the next few weeks.

Thank you so much to all of the students involved and to their teacher. It is a wonderful gift for these students to leave TSHS with. I am sure it is a gift that will be well utilised in the years ahead.

Here are some more photos of the scooter racks being made.

Adding in final touches and making sure everything is square and straight.

Making things safe.

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James (Your Move)

What an achievement for the students and the school! Thanks for sharing your wrap up of the project and the launch, Sue. Upgrading the scooter parking has earned 80 points, and there was a bonus 15 innovation points for the students (under the guidance of Steve Young) doing all the work themselves, plus 10 points for your great story. Well done everyone 🤩!

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