Today, as I visited Thornlie Senior High school, I was delighted to be able to secure my bike to our new visitors bike rack.

This was "purchased" by the Your Move group using points we have been awarded.

We also had a bike maintenance station installed next to the bike rack.

I am a community member of the Your Move group and I had been asking for a visitors bike rack to be installed, as previously I had attached my bike to a light post in the garden.

The new bike rack is a super design; it was quick and easy to secure my bike using a D lock and a flexible cable and the padding on the top bar will prevent scratches to bikes.

It is wonderful to see these new facilities without a monetary cost to the school.

Thank you!

Tracey Nelson

Parent and bike rider

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Tracey and Sue - it is always rewarding to see new infrastructure in place and to hear testimonies of it's value. You have earned 60 points for the visitor parking and 50 points for the repair station, plus 10 points for a great story! I wonder how long it will be until you need another one!

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