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It was with much excitement we began the school year with brand new bike racks that have been put to excellent use. We received a grant from Your Move in 2022 and we topped it up with funds from our points and had installed 10 new bike racks that hold 4 bikes each. This has made a big difference to the organisation of the bike compound. Thank you to Your Move for the grant.

We have noticed that more bikes and scooters are being secured in the bike compound, some days up to 75 bikes and scooters which is excellent for several reasons. Firstly, they are getting some exercise which is so important for physical and mental health, secondly, they are reducing carbon emissions which is good for the health of our planet and lastly they are decreasing some of the congestion around the school. The congestion this year has been exacerbated by construction of a day care centre opposite South Thornlie Primary School, construction at our school of a new STEM building and the construction of a roundabout at the top of Ovens Road. The Your Move team strongly suggests that students walk, ride, scoot or take public transport to school.

Our first Hands Up survey, counting how students get to school, found some exciting results, more students are using active travel to get to school than are not, some 52% versus 48% whereas when compared to data in term 1 2022, 42% of students used active travel versus 56% who came by car. This is a 14% decrease in driving and a 5% increase in students walking, 21% increase in students using public transport and a whopping 72% increase in students cycling.

The Community Health Nurse, Sue, has spoken to every year 7 class about her role, Your Move and Act Belong Commit. All the classes planned their route to school using the journey planner on the Your Move website. They were able to choose walking, riding, or catching public transport. Hopefully some students realised that walking, scooting, or riding to school were easily achievable.

Your Move team met for the first time this week. We welcomed some new members (students) to the team. They will be a valuable addition to the team. Planning for Ride2School day on 24th March has commenced and the students decided that they wanted to have a competition for students who decorated their bike on Ride2School day. The students have given Sue, Your Move Champion, a few jobs for the beginning of term. We are meeting again next week, Tuesday at recess in the conference room. The team have a big year planned out already.

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James (Your Move)

That is a very comprehensive newsletter article Sue 😊. You have shared so much useful info with the school community, earning yourself 22 points in the process. I have also given you 25 points for presenting YM to all the year 7s and 10 points for sharing the copy of your article here. Have a lovely weekend!

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Thanks Emma. We presented to every year 7 class about Your Move at the beginning of the year and gave out our Your Move map and used the lesson plan about planning a trip to school using the journey planner. I wrote about it in the first newsletter article of the year and already have the points but thanks for the suggestion.

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Oops, i put my comment in the wrong story, sorry! I was double checking that I had written about the year 7 transition days! Sorry!

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Oh so you did! Fantastic Sue 🤩

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