We have just celebrated walk to school day on Friday 14th May with 226 students walked in cool and slightly damp conditions. We handed out raffle tickets and stickers. There were 25 lucky students who won a prize, drink bottles, Act Belong Commit baseball caps or pens. Our staff helpers on the morning were Mr Seth Green and Mrs Sharon Brady, as well as parents Mrs Michelle Manolas and Mrs Tracey Nelson and the following students; Jasmine Manolas (Year 10), Khushveen Kakkar (Year 10), Phoebe Jackman (Year 8) and Taylah Wheeler (Year 7).

We put up our Your Move banner as well as several Act Belong Commit banners to promote Act Belong Commit and Your Move.

Walking to school is an excellent way to look after your mental and physical health. Our volunteers were also looking after their mental health by volunteering, which gives them a sense of belonging to the school community and having a purpose in life. It was a lovely way to start the day, greeting smiling students and handing out stickers.


Ovens Road Challenge was on again between Thornlie Senior High School and Sacred Heart Primary School. Which school has the greater percentage of students who walk to school? Surely we can beat the little kids…. I did enjoy giving the little ones a sticker if they walked past! Sacred Heart won the challenge with 38% of their students walking to school compared to our 26%.

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James (Your Move)

I love the positive take on being beaten by the "little ones" 😃! Thanks for sharing your newsletter Sue - including active travel in the article earned you 22 points plus you got 10 points for including the full text in this story.

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