Newsletter article for the end of term 2.

Sue James

Wow, what a busy and big term this has been with Covid illnesses, normal colds and flu, Your Move activities, Mindful May and so much more.

Your Move

The Your Move team were successful in getting two programs from the Term 2 Super Boost. We were very excited to get the Bike Rescue program from Dismantle. Dismantle is a local organisation enabling and empowering vulnerable young people to live their life in a self-directed way.

Dismantle’s BikeRescue is a ten-session mentor and engagement program for 10 students disguised as an intense bike mechanic course.

Guided by Dismantle’s Mechanic Mentors, students will combine effort to fully strip and rebuild five bicycles for charity, then work independently to restore a second for themselves, with each participant getting their own bike at the end of the program. We started with 11 students, from Year 9 and 10, but numbers have settled down to 9 students. The students initially worked on 5 bikes for charity. They stripped the bikes down, repainted them and then rebuilt them over 2 full days at school. The boys were then able to choose a bike to strip down, repaint and are now rebuilding them. The boys get to keep this bike for themselves. It has been so rewarding watching the boys engage with the mechanics and with the program. The program finished with an afternoon tea where participants showed off their achievements to Mrs McDonald, our School Principal.

The other program we were able to get from the Super Boost was the Bike Safety Checks. We had two bike mechanics arrive at school on Friday and they provided a comprehensive safety check and basic bike services on 22 bikes. The mechanics went through a mechanical checklist and left a report on each bike. The students were very pleased to get their bikes serviced. We kept the mechanics very busy all day.

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James (Your Move)

Great newsletter article Sue - I'm sure the TSHS parents are really glad to hear about these valuable activities the school and Your Move have facilitiated. You have earned 22 points for including Your Move in your Term 3 newsletter and 10 points for sharing the full copy here.

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