Newsletter article term 2

Sue James
Thornlie Senior High School

An article in the school newsletter in term 2 highlighted the issue of bike security. We informed the school community of the fantastic resource of bike link.
Here is a copy of the newsletter article.

Your Move

The Your Move Working Party has continued to meet this term and have some exciting things planned for Term 3 and 4. We are looking at some ways of getting funds to put a cover over the bike compound, to keep bikes and scooters dry. Please feel free to contact Sue James, Community Health Nurse, if you are interested in joining Your Move at TSHS.

Bike Security

Some students are concerned about the security of their bike/scooter at school. We strongly encourage all bike and scooter riders to lock up their bike/scooter IN (not outside!) the bike compound. Today, there are 21 bikes locked up inside the compound and 13 on the outside of the compound! Last year a man was filmed on the school cameras walking up to the compound, pulling out an angle grinder and cutting a lock off and then riding the bike off the school grounds. It took him less than 43 seconds!! For the safety and security of your bike, put it inside the compound!

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James (Your Move)

Good illustration, Sue, of the importance of locking bikes - what a brazen theft! Your newsletter article has earned you 22 points, plus 10 points for including the text. As you have already been awarded points for T2 and T3 is almost over I have assigned this newsletter piece to T3 so you could still get the points.

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