Newsletter article, Term 4 2023

Sue James
Thornlie Senior High School

October was Bike Month in WA and the Your Move team put notices in the Daily Notices and we handed out frozen Zooper Doopers at the end of a couple of the hot days in October. You should have seen the big smiles on the bike and scooter riders. With our beautiful weather we encourage all students to ride, scoot or walk to school either some or all the way. It is much better for the environment, reduces congestion around school and most importantly it is fantastic for your mental and physical health. Don’t forget that if you don’t have your bike lock or a padlock for your scooter, you can borrow one from the Health Centre.

Bike Security

The Your Move Team strongly encourage ALL bike riders to register their bikes with Bikelinc. We try hard to protect students bikes at school but sometimes things happen….

You can register your bike or you can check if a bike is stolen or lost at Bikelinc | powered by Crime Stoppers WA | Connect to protect your bike |

You can also help avoid your bike being stolen by locking it up on the inside of the compound, with a secure bike lock or if it is a scooter, lock it in the scooter rack with a padlock.

What is Bikelinc? It is a community solution to a community problem.

Join our free, award winning Bikelinc network so police and your community can help return your bike to you if it’s lost or stolen. Biklinc is a growing community of bike enthusiasts who will work as a team to help reduce bike theft and keep bikes with their rightful owners. Bikelinc connects you, your bike, police and the cycling community. It gives you the best chance of being reunited with your bike if it’s lost or stolen. It is powered by Crime Stoppers WA, ACT, Tasmania and the community.

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James (Your Move)

Nice bike security promo Sue - that has earned you 25 points, plus 10 for sharing the copy here. Thanks too for sharing the shots of the riders with their frozen Zooper Doopers - nothing beats a photo of a smilie active traveller 😃!

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