Orientation Day 2020 at TSHS

Sue James
Thornlie Senior High School

We have had the year 6's at school yesterday and today having a taste of high school life before the end of the year. We will have promoted Your Move to every student by the end of the day. It has been pleasing to see a few students in each group riding or walking today to school. Many more students said that they usually walk or ride to school so our aim next year is to keep those students riding, scooting or walking to school and encourage the other year groups to keep going or to start if they aren't riding, walking or scooting to school.

We are looking forward to having these students for three days of transition at the beginning of 2021 when we can further promote Your Move to the students. We will need to plan an exciting activity that promotes riding, walking or scooting to school! Maybe we can get the students to map how they can get to school. Certainly we will be promoting the 'Get on Board' website and encouraging students to move to independent travel to and from school. We have Transperth flyers to hand out to students during the transition program. Our transition program is a great opportunity to help students settle into high school life and promote healthy habits and routines.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sue - great to see you getting in early for the year 6s' transition to high school and that many are already using active travel to school. Your transition activity has earned you 30 points plus a bonus 10 for sharing so many thoughts and details.

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It’s a really good story and I like the kids where they do stuff and fun stuff

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