At the beginning of the year we invited representatives from our neighbouring school for afternoon tea so we could tell them all about Your Move and plan some events for 2023. We thought it was such a good idea!

The P & C president and I had a lovely chat as no one turned up. Maybe we chose a day too close to the beginning of the year, maybe it was too busy for staff and/or parents, we were not sure.

When it was Ride2School day, both schools declined to participate as they had too much on. For Walk2School day one of our local primary schools participated in the Ovens Road Challenge and they pipped us at the post!

Both schools posted on their Facebook page

It might be time for me to reach out again to our local primary schools and see if I can go and tell them how good Your Move is and how becoming a Your Move school can improve the health and wellbeing of the students, the environment and the school. :)

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Go Team Thornlie! Wonderful to hear you are reaching out to your neighbour schools! What a shame about the Arvo Tea no shows and 20 And fantastic that Sacred Heart joined in the fun. Congratulations on getting things in motion! Let us know how your next outreach goes. That's 25 points for your Your Move network initiative and 20 bonus points for content. Let us know if you sent any materials promoting Active Travel to your 2023 Year 7 cohort (including in Handbook). Can claim this annually.

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hanks Emma. We presented to every year 7 class about Your Move at the beginning of the year and gave out our Your Move map and used the lesson plan about planning a trip to school using the journey planner. I wrote about it in the first newsletter article of the year and already have the points but thanks for the suggestion.

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