A small but dedicated group of students met during lunch and period 5 last Friday to plan for 2023. We had one of our year 11 students attend even though she is on holidays already and we had one of our parents attend remotely as she was home sick with Covid. We provided subway for lunch with some fruit and a chocolate mud cake. Delicious!

We recapped what we had achieved this year, including, Ride2School day, Walk2School day, the new roof on the compound, the new bike racks going into the compound over the summer holidays, Tutu Tuesday, the bike check ups and the Dismantle project. The total amount to money that the Your Move team had earnt in projects, grants etc is well in excess of $45,000 in just over two years.

We discussed that despite doing all of this awareness raising and promotion the number of students coming by car is continuing to increase. We now have less than 50% students using active travel to and from school. The team agreed that we need to keep that our focus for 2023.

The team decided that we would participate in the Ride2School day and the Walk2School day but promote more heavily. The students want to make a Positive Behaviour Support lesson to be used by staff in Homerooms informing the school community about the issue, showing students how to top up their smart rider and how to use the Transperth App.

Mrs Manolas has been looking at what other schools are doing and one school conducted a ride on "T" days, Tuesday and Thursdays with raffle tickets given out with canteen vouchers as prizes. (That would be a great reward for the reward shop!) The team liked the idea and have planned for it in Term 4, during bike month.

The team talked about how they could tap into social media more, using the student councils Instagram page and the schools Facebook page. Our Mayor is also on the school board and we wondered if we could utilise that link.

The last think that we discussed was organising a network meeting early in term 1 and invite our neighbouring primary schools to learn about Your Move and to discuss and plan the Ovens Road Challenge for 2023. Mrs Manolas is contacting both schools before the end of the year and book in a date.

We were so busy planning and eating that we forgot to take a photo! Here is one of our whiteboard after we had finished. :)

We have given ourselves lots of food for thought for 2023, after a well earned rest.

Thank you to the Your Move team that works in the background. We trust that you will have a lovely Christmas and hope that you get a holiday as well. We are looking forward to working with you next year.

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Fantastic breakdown there Sue. That's 77 points all up, including bonus points for AT % results details. Some brilliant ideas there - getting Year 7s off to an active start; maximising social media opportunities; connecting with your Mayor as an ally; and T day activities in Bike Month! Awesome 🙌🏽 Perhaps the Mayor might know someone inspirational to the students who could talk about active travel benefits at assembly? I bet there are some great Instagram pages out there for inspiration! Check out @yourmovewa @bikewalktransitperth @carfreelifeperth #AndSheCycles @sustrans #girlsride @west_cycle Would be great to have a post from the student team about their fave #activetravel social media sources 😊

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Would be great to have a post from the student team about their fave #activetravel social media sources 😊

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