Planning meeting for semester 2, 2021.

Sue James

The Your Move working party met on the 29th July to update with what had happened in term 2 (alot!) and to plan for semester 2.
Things that happened in term 2 included, bike education, bike checkups, teacher education and mapping of safe routes to school. It was a very busy term for the working party.

Semester 2 plans and jobs list.

1. PBS lesson, Sue to email YM.

2. RU OK? Day on 10th September. Bike display again and a poster that Jasmine and Khushveen will produce. Idea of having 2 stationary bikes and have competitions about how far students can ride in short periods. Tracey will investigate where we could get 2 bikes.

Here is the poster that our amazing 2 year 10 students have made for R U OK? Day. So cool!

3. Science week in week 5. Looking at doing a promotion video with eggs, one protected and one not, relating it to the damage sustained if someone is not wearing a helmet. DDM to follow up with science teachers. (this did not go ahead as the theme for science week was to do with food!)

4. Bike Month is October. Display in the library incorporating helmets. "Are you smart enough to wear a helmet?" SJ has a cracked helmet to put on display. Also, it is a legal requirement to wear a helmet.

5. 50th Anniversary. YM working party to have a display of an old bike and photos of the hundreds of bike out the front of the school in the 1970's.

Semester 2 is shaping up to be as busy as semester 1 or busier!!

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Sue! I'm glad your planning session didn't fall through the cracks - what a productive session 😊. Yes - I agree, that is a pretty impressive poster - great looking and informative too. Can't wait to read how all those great activities planned come to fruition. You have earned 15 points for your Term 3 planning session, plus 20 points for sharing all those details.

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Thanks James. I had forgotten to write up that story so thank you for the nudge. Woo hoo, we have reached double platinum! Very exciting.

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