We are going to run a Your Move lesson with all of the new year 7 students in the first 3 days of transition using the Your Move lesson plan. Our students are going to come into to school on the last day of the holidays for a planning session. We think that is dedication!!

The focus next year is going to be on parents and convincing them to let their child walk, scoot or come by public transport. We will hand out our new safe routes brochure that has been printed off, to our new year 7 students. It looks amazing.

With some promotion in the new year, we are hoping that students and parents realise that walking and riding are very viable options and that school is not as far as people think.

The very exciting news is we are getting a new bike shelter over the bike compound. The school has agreed to add in an extra $7,000 to the double platinum grant that the school received this year. The plan if for the shelter to be built over the summer holidays and be ready for the beginning of term. Here is a before photo and I will post an after photo at the beginning of term 1, 2022.

We wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and holidays. See you in 2022.

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James (Your Move)

What dedication Sue - that must be very rewarding for you to see how committed your team is 😍! Your school access guide is looking great (and has earned you 75 points) - great to hear that you'll be putting in to good use in 2022. The bike enclosure plans are very exciting - I look forward to the 'after' shots in the new year. I have just given you another 20 points for sharing all the details of your plans. Have a wonderful break!

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