Our Year 12 Engineering students have finished their schooling at Thornlie Senior High School and they have gifted us with 2 skateboard racks that they designed and planned in their Engineering Certificate.

The students had a visit to the field (visited the bike compound and looked at where the rack could go and what would work). They then looked at a variety of designs, the costs, the safety aspects, what material to use, the durability of different materials, how to fix the racks to the compound and how to finish the product off (i.e. blackening the metal or using a different finish).

The cutting of the metal was outsourced as the students costed the purchasing and cutting of the material themselves versus outsourcing that aspect of the project. They found that it was half the cost to get it outsourced! The added benefit of the outsourcing of that part of the project was that all sharp edges were removed, and the final product was very polished.

This project was an excellent example of a cross curricula activity with aspects of maths, health and safety as well as metal work and engineering.

The racks will be installed after they have been displayed in our schools Arts and Technologies Exhibition which is being held in November. I am curious as to how they will be fixed in the bike compound and how students will secure them. I am sure these questions have been thought through....

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James (Your Move)

Another excellent outcome from the engineering students! They have earned 25 points for this project, plus 20 bonus 'outstanding' points. I love how Thornlie SHS has integrated Active Travel into the engineering curriculum 😁.

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