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We have an enthusiastic team of students, with Sue James, Karen Partridge and Megan Mathieson assisting this year. We started off well with a successful Ride2School day on the 13th March. We received donations from Anaconda, Chris Tallentire MP, and the Manolos and Nelson families. The students who were winners on the day for riding their bike or scooter to school include:

  • Nicholas Laing, Year 11 - the new Vision Street Wear Fat Whip Street Scooter;
  • Liam Vidich, Year 7 - the bike lock;
  • Troy Retallack, Year 7 and Cameron Lidster, Year 8 - $25 vouchers to a bike shop, and
  • Callan Norman, Year 7 and Ashton Nelson, Year 9, won canteen vouchers.

Congratulations to the winners and to all students who rode their bike or scooter to school.

We were a minor prize winner in the Ride2School Day competition, which Thornlie SHS become eligible for after completing a HUS and posting a story that referenced our Ride 2 School day event. We have just received a bike pack containing the following items:

  • 5 x Your Move water bottles
  • 5 x Your Move slap bands
  • 2 x mini road bike pumps

We will keep these prizes for other activities later in the year when school recommences. Thank you to everyone who assisted on the day and who kindly donated prizes.

It is pleasing that we still have between 4 and 6 students riding to school this week. Those students will receive house points for continuing to ride to school. It is really important to maintain our physical activity even though we are encouraged to stay at home. All adolescents should be doing 60 minutes of physical activity every day. There are lots of suggestions on line as well as the Thunder Ohana workout that was posted on Facebook or simply go for a walk or bike ride.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing the Your Move update you published in the school newsletter. It's great that you managed to get the Ride2School event in before isolation, and positive that even after isolation started that some students managed to keep riding to school. You have received 22 points for your newsletter story, plus a bonus 10 for including all the details - remember that now we are in a new term you can get more points if you manage to get another story in the newsletter!

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