Tutus riding and Athletics Carnival...

Sue James
Thornlie Senior High School

We were very excited to combine with our schools first whole school athletic carnival with our "ride to school wearing a tutu" day and get a pancake or two for breakfast. The day dawned overcast and cool, perfect to riding and the athletics carnival. Our School P & C president cooked 70 pancakes the night before, we had our Your Move students ready to hand them out, the school nurse was very late as she got caught in traffic, but very few students rode their bike to school! We had advertised with PA announcements, but it did not seem to get kids riding to school on the day, let alone in their tutus! There were a lot of tutus worn on the day but not on bikes!

What we learnt, don't do anything on athletics carnival day! Maybe the kids thought they would be too tired to ride home!

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James (Your Move)

What a great idea - but how intriguing that it didn't go as planned 😲. I suspect you are right though, being a parent of school kids I can see that on carnival day the tutus and AT to school might just have been one or two things too much to handle 🫤. Regardless, you have earned 40 points for your efforts and 15 points for your reflectve story content.

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