We celebrate Bike Month in a low keyway this year. We put a note in our daily notices once a week. We posted a couple of Face Book posts about Bike Month, and we handed out frozen Zooper Doopers at the end of a couple of hot days in October. There were many smiling faces riding home those days. :)

Daily Notices, week 1. Taking place in October each year, WA Bike Month aims to promote and encourage people of all ages and abilities to ride bikes for transport, fun and a healthier lifestyle. The Your Move team are running some activities to celebrate Bike Month so students need to be riding to participate in random activities…. The weather is beautiful so dust off the bike, pump up the tyres and get pedalling. 43 per cent of WA adults and 68 per cent of WA children (5 to 15 years) don’t get enough physical activity for good health.

Daily Notices, week 2. Discover healthier, more active ways to get around. People of all ages and abilities can get involved in bike riding – you could be a new, novice or rusty rider. Swap short car journeys with bike riding and reap the benefits. 43 per cent of WA adults and 68 per cent of WA children (5 to 15 years) don’t get enough physical activity for good health. Consistent walking or riding can help reduce cardiovascular disease by 10 per cent, type 2 diabetes by 30 per cent and the mortality rate by at least 10 per cent. If you rode your bike to school yesterday, did you get a treat to help beat the heat? The Your Move will being doing random activities throughout the month of October. Make sure you ride your bike to school to participate…

Daily Notices, week 3. Your Move and Bikelinc. The Your Move Team strongly encourage ALL bike riders to register their bikes with Bikelinc. We try really hard to protect students' bikes at school but sometimes things happen…. You can register your bike or you can check if a bike is stolen or lost at Bikelinc | powered by Crime Stoppers WA | Connect to protect your bike |The other things you can do to help avoid your bike being stolen is to lock it up on the inside of the compound, with a secure bike lock or lock if it is a scooter, lock it in the scooter rack with a padlock.

Daily Notices, week 4. Find a bike riding route. There are more riding and walking paths across WA than ever before. Plan your journey now! www.yourmove.org.au/journey-planner Did you know that Bike riders had 84 per cent lower CO2 emissions from all daily travel than non-riders and people who shifted from car to bike were found to decrease life cycle CO2 emissions by 3.2 kg CO2/day. Australians pay an average of $21,000 in transport costs per year. Bicycle upkeep is significantly lower at around $800 to $1,100 per year. Even though bike month is drawing to a close, keep on riding, you never know what you might get…. #WABikeMonth2023

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sue - thanks for sharing your daily notice promos of Bike Month. These and the FB posts in the next story have earned you 40 points for getting involved in Bike Month. You have also earned 10 points for sharing all the copy. I have to say, that I'm very surprised that annual bike maintenance is quoted as so expensive 😲 - a serious bike race competitor might spend $1000 a year in upgrades but for family riding it would be much lower.

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Hi James, I used the information that The WA Department of Transport put out, it was in their statistics....I would think that families would spend only a couple of hundred, and it would depend on how much they rode!

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James (Your Move)


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Hi Sue, I'm interested in which DoT online resource you got these statistics from? Can you please direct me to the resource? cheers - trevor :)

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