We promoted this day in our daily notices for a week prior. We ran a raffle and had Act Belong Commit and Your Move merchandise as prizes. Students on arrival got given a raffle ticket and a sticker (a few declined!). We had a mix of staff, Your Move students and some parents who are on the Your Move working party attended each of the gates to the school from 0800 until the bell. We had banners at each of the gates to promote either Your Move or Act Belong Commit and we all wore an Act Belong Commit T shirt. A Facebook post went out the day before promoting Walk to School day.

We also continued the Ovens Road Challenge with one of our neighbouring primary schools, Sacred Heart Primary. Unfortunately they did have a greater percentage of students walking to school on Friday, 38% of the school population walked to school whereas we only had 25.5% of students walking. This was even lower than the percentage who walked on the day of the Hands Up survey that we conducted in March. The day was cool and it was spitting rain a few times so whether the weather put some of our students off, it is hard to know.

We need to keep a record of students who walked and did not want a raffle ticket as the raffle tickets were how we counted students. Also a number of students arrived early for a class that is conducted before school officially begins for the day. On reflection, in light of these two issues, we probably did not have very accurate data.

What we do know is that our work is not done and we need to continue to promote walking/riding/scooting/public transport to school instead of travelling by car!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sue - thanks for your detailed reflection on your WS2SD event. I love how you have once again included an interschool competition with your event day - so even though you were a little disappointed with your participation rate, it is effectively more than double than it might have been 🥰. As you mentioned, the weather could have been an important factor in this, and also the other factors you mentioned. I also really like how you linked in it with Act, Belong, Commit - there is such a big positive link between active travel and mental health benefits. You have earned 40 points for your event day, 25 points for including an interschool challenge, 10 points for posting on Facebook this term, 20 points for a very informative story and a final 5 points for your reflection on lessons learned.

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Hi James, Not sure why my comment got posted after two words! Thanks for your comments. It is all learning and I think about promoting active travel to school to the school community.

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