Bike compound improvements

Sue James
Thornlie SHS

When our bike compound was first made it was placed near the front of the school on flat ground. Several years ago it was moved up closer to the school’s buildings being overlooked by a security camera for security purposes.

There were a few things that our school riders identified that could be fixed to make our bike compound better. For smaller bikes, the rail to lock up bikes was a bit high, We have now lowered all of the bike rails. Another problem that was identified was the chain that secures the compounds gate was too long. This made it easy to pull the gate and slide into the compound when it was locked. The chain has since been shortened. We realised that some people could climb over the top of the gate so an additional length of pipe was attached.

The last problem that was that the galvanised pipe clamps stuck out making it a hazard to all bike compound users, they have been replaced with safer suitable ones. All this maintenance was carried out by the adult members of our school's Your Move group. The cyclists are pleased with these improvements, and we now have a safer compound.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sue and Michelle - great to hear about all your well thought out improvements to the bike compound (that has earned you 80 points). Isn't it amazing all the 'little" things that add up to have an impact on using active transport? Your detailed and reflective outline of your improvements has earned you another 20 points too. Have a great weekend 😎!

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Good morning James. We asked if maintenance could lower the bars and we got a quote for $2000! They over engineered a response. Michelle, (a mum, a member of the Your Move group and our P & C President) and I got shifting spanners, some CRC and about $120 worth of supplies and fixed it ourselves!

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James (Your Move)

Go the Girl-Power 🤩!

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