The inaugural “Ovens Road Challenge” – 3 Schools trying for Gold!

Sue James
Thornlie SHS

The Your Move committee at Thornlie SHS decided to challenge the two Primary Schools in our street, to have the highest percentage of cyclists/scooters partake in the 2021 RIDE2SCHOOL Day. And they accepted…

The Ovens Road Challenge resulted in a lot of students who occasionally cycle/scoot or were first timers, joining their peers in an active start to their day on Thursday 18th March and we hope they continue to do so regularly.

We were impressed with how many students and families took up the "Ovens Road Challenge" and the bike compounds at the three schools were buzzing.

Due to differing enrolment numbers, the fair way to score was on the percentage of RIDE2SCHOOL participants.

Taking out the bragging rights for Gold place this year was

Sacred Heart Primary - 110 participants from 411 present (26.76%) That's fabulous!!!!!


Then South Thornlie Primary in Silver place

- with 55 participants from 305 present (18%) Another great effort.

Thornlie High achieved Bronze place

- 86 participants from 1120 present (7.68%) This was still respectable as we had nearly 30 more cyclists than normal.

The data will give our Your Move Committee some leverage to try to increase the active travel of our teenage students, and to move up the “Ovens Road Challenge” podium in 2022.

See the social media posts below about our inaugural Ovens Road Challenge.

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James (Your Move)

I love this collaborative approach to increasing AT and reducing traffic in your local area Sue. Not only that, but it was clearly done in such a positive way with a bit of friendly rivalry thown in. It seems like everyone was a winner as, as you said, getting 30 more riders at the SHS was a great result in itself. You have earned 40 points for your special R2SD event, 30 points for your innovation of challenging 2 other local schools, 15 points for sharing all the analysis of results and a final 10 points for sharing so many details. So, when is the next challenge? Walk to School Day?

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