Main Streets Masterclass

Rachael Mackey
Town of Bassendean

As you may have heard (or attended) we had a Your Move workshop out at the Town of Bassendean earlier this month that focused on practical ways you could revitalise main streets and make them thrive.

It consisted of two parts; presentations by our guest speakers, Ben Kent from element and Dr Rodney Tolley, and a practical walk shop around the Town to identify assets that we could leverage in creating a more liveable, vibrant and walkable place.

Mayor Renee McLennan opened the workshop with a recognition of the rich history of the Town followed by Dr Rodney Tolley who gave a distilled overview of all that he has learnt on why and how we can make streets more walkable with case studies from around the world.

It was nice to have it tied back to a local context with the inclusion of Ben Kent and his 10 ingredients to making main streets thrive, with quick wins and good considerations including thinking about organic human behaviour within spaces and how streets could be used at night, not just during daylight hours.

It was a really engaging day and well executed via the partnership between Your Move and the Town of Bassendean.

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David (Your Move)

Thanks Rachael for helping organise the workshop on walkability for main streets with Rodney and Ben. It was great to have you, the Mayor and others from the Town involved in the workshop and later roundtable meeting to discuss ways enhance the Old Perth Rd main street precinct as a more walkable and vibrant place for the community. This provided a great professional development opportunity for Town staff and elected members and added value to the Your Move Bassendean project the Town is helping deliver (have added 50 points for this). Keep up the good work! PS The workshop presentations are now on the Your Move website:

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