Ready, steady, go!

Rachael Mackey
Town of Bassendean

On Wednesday, 30 January our ToB champions held a workshop led by David from the Your Move team to assist us in planning out our workplace actions and creating a travel plan.

We started by looking at the main findings of our travel survey which as per my previous post indicates that most people were driving and hardly anyone was using public transport which is pretty normal behaviour when there’s free and ample parking around the Town.

We then began identifying some opportunities and challenges for staff when reconsidering their travel choices. In this case having a person from HR present was a real asset when attempting to think of existing strategies we could leverage to get the ball rolling on workplace activities.

Although a few barriers emerged that needed immediate attention; lack of access to end of trip facilities and lack of secure bike parking around the Town.

This led us to brainstorm some quick wins that we could put in place as soon as possible. As there’s no point in encouraging people to ride when there’s no place to shower or park their bike during the work day! No one want to be sweaty and get their bike stolen – am I right?!

At the moment we are currently in the process of finalising the action plan and can’t wait to let you know what we come up with.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Rachael, I think you are right! No one wants their bike stolen or to arrive all sweaty at work. We are looking forward to seeing your plan of attack.

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