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Rachael Mackey
Town of Bassendean

Here at the Town of Bassendean we pride ourselves on having a strong focus on sustainability, preservation of our natural environment, and embracing our rich cultural history as we are so connected to the natural environment that surrounds us.

In case you didn’t know, the Town was settled in 1839 and is located approximately 10 kilometres north-east of Perth and 5 minutes from the Swan Valley vineyards (convenient if, like me, you love wine).

Off the back of our Bike Plan being finalised earlier this year we decided embedding a program like Your Move within the council would be a great start in increasing the connection and commitment we all have to seeing the area thrive by encouraging staff to reconsider their travel choices.

We are super excited to get up and running and have the following planned for the rest of 2018:
• Running a travel survey - which we aim to kick off at the end of November.
• Attending the final Your Move Forum for the year.
• Investigating E-Bike options for possible implementation in 2019.
• Begin to develop a 2019 Travel Plan for the Town.

Stay tuned!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Welcome to Your Move Bassendean! You have earned 12 activity points for posting your first story and some bonus points for letting us know what you've got planned in 2018/19. We can't wait to see the results of your Travel Survey. The City of Fremantle recently completed and posted about their Travel Survey - I recommend checking out their cool summary infographic.

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