Whitfield Safe Active Street is LIVE!

Tim Dayman
Town of Bassendean

Despite the Town of Bassendean being all quiet on the Your Move website, we have been busily working away on the construction of Whitfield Safe Active Street in the heart of Bassendean. After plenty of blood, sweat and cheers, the Town was able to launch the opening at a recent small gathering of dignitaries and staff from the Department of Transport, WestCycle and the Town.

The Safe Active Street allows residents to easily commute to local cafe's and shops, train stations and schools. It has also created a greener streetscape where active transport is prioritised.

The Town will be presenting a number of activations over the coming months, to promote the safe and frequent usage of this magnificent piece of infrastructure. Make sure you keep an eye out for these little events in the near future!

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David (Your Move)

Thanks Tim, Good to see the Safe Active Street open for residents to walk and ride. Could the buzz around this project this be an opportunity to encourage employees to walk, ride a bike and catch the bus or train more too?

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James (Your Move)

Hi Tim - and a big welcome back to all at Bassendean for the new year! Thanks for this little exposé on your staff and VIP launch of the new Safe Active Street - I have linked it to the "Host a staff social ride" activity which gives you 40 points. I have also given you 10 points for giving us a good read. Don't forget to update us on your public activation events when they occur. Have a lovely weekend!

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It certainly could David. The first two activations will be held on March 20 and April 10. The first one will be Bassendean's Biggest BBQ, where residents will cook up a storm on their verges and play games in the street. The second will be a mini Bikefest event, where locals will cycle, walk and use the street by any means imaginable to promote how the SAS works. A number of staff have purchased bikes and e-bikes since the Your Move campaign. Our old Committee Room now resembles a bike shed!

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