Breakfast 'Fun'-ding

Janine Roets
Town of Cambridge

Every year the Town of Cambridge offers $200 to local schools to host a walk/ride/scoot to school day and provide a healthy breakfast or snack. Rebates are given when the schools provide hands-up surveys taken before the event and the day of the event.

The aim is to create awareness and making parents and caregivers think about alternative ways to get to school, and realising it is easier than what they thought. It creates a sense of community and increases safety when students walk down the street together in groups.

In the Town of Cambrige, parking has become a problem during school pick-ups and drop-offs, if the number of cars can be reduced by a small amount, significant changes can be made as habits changed.

During previous years, funding was only allocated for official walk or ride days, however, as with so many other that COVID has allowed changes to be made. Schools can now choose a suitable day that fits their schedules and request funding for one event per annum.

The attached graphs show the changes experienced at Floreat Park Primary Schools. When a hands-up survey was taken before the event, 70% of the students were dropped by car, and on the day of the event only 13% of students were dropped by car.

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James (Your Move)

I'm so excited to see you back on Your Move Janine 😊! I'm also very happy to know that Town of Cambridge is helping schools to run active travel events. Letting us know about this funding program in 2022 has earned you 40 points. You have also earned another 20 points for sharing the details of how it works. Great to see the impact it made at Floreat Park PS 😁.

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