Gender Gap

Janine Roets
Town of Cambridge

The Town of Cambridge participated in the 2020 Super Tuesday Bike Count. Overall the number of cyclist across the Town increased by 12%, however, our female participants only make up 15% of the total number, this is 4% lower than the WA average (19%) and 9% lower than the national average (24%).

In the past the Town hosted Women's Cycling Courses with successful outcomes, but more work will have to be done to encourage greater female participation.

A Bike Maintenance Workshop was planned for earlier this year to encourage people to cycle to work with tips and tricks to make the commute easier. The workshop was booked out after the first Facebook post! Thirty people were going to attend. Unfortunately, the workshop had to be cancel due to the COVID-19 restrictions, but we are planning another workshop for later this year and are encouraging families to attend.

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James (Your Move)

They are some interesting stats there Janine. The 12% increase is over what period of time? Great to hear that you have prioritised increasing women's participation. Make sure you let us know how your maintenance workshop goes. I can't give you points for a planned activity until after it has happened, but clearly you have been putting some effort into planning so I have linked your story to the "Schedule a regular planning session" activity which gives you 15 points, plus you got a bonus 10 for including all those details.

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