Lake Monger New Shared Path Activation

Janine Roets
Town of Cambridge

On a brisk winters morning the Lake Monger Shared Path was officially opened by the Town of Cambridge Mayor, Kerri Shannon and Justin McKirdy, Executive Director for Urban Mobility from the Department of Transport.

Lake Monger is a popular recreational destination for walking and cycling and is also used by commuting cyclists to and from the city. The Lake has great cultural significance and was used as a meeting and camp sites connected by bidi’s or trails. These bidi’s have become our modern paths and are still allowing people to access the lake and surrounding areas.

Uncle Neville Collard, an Aboriginal Elder, carried out the Welcome to Country and shared many stories about Lake Monger with the students from Lake Monger Primary School and Bold Park Community School.

We were joined by Cambridge Councillors, Cambridge Rotary and members from the public. Our Rangers and Bike Smart helped students to understand the use of a shared path.

The path was developed with assistance form the DoT's Western Australian Bicycle Network (WABN) Grant to alleviate the pressure on Dodd Street and create a safer alternative route.

Our Ranger Jo helped us create a video of the path, but it took a few takes as she had to stop a few time to explain why dogs have to be on their leads while walking on the path.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your launch of the new shared path Janine. It is always great to see the Mayor and executives involved and engaged - for that you have earned 10 bonus points, plus another 10 points for sharing all the details of your launch. Is the video that Jo did available to view?

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