Cycling in Teams

Stacey Towne
Town of East Fremantle

We are a relatively small group here at the Town of East Freo and we informally connect with each other through 'Teams'.

For bike month, some info was shared relating to the benefits of getting on the ‘deadly treadly’ including saving money on fuel, getting some healthy exercise on your commute, cutting down on carbon emissions and just enjoying the ride and having fun.

It was also mentioned that you can take your bike on the train and the ferry at certain times and if anyone ever fancied riding to work one day, that there are bike parking and shower facilities available.

The challenge was put to consider a bike riding event for bike month next year, so we will see if our Culture Club can help out with that in the future.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Stacey - nice use of appropriate technology to share the (bike) love in Bike Month! Great to hear too that you are looking at an event for next year. You have earned 25 points for your promo of active travel at East Freo, and 10 points for sharing the details.

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