Stacey's short commute the long way

Stacey Towne

My COVID-19 “work” commute to the study is 3m from where I sleep, but it takes me 45 min to get there!

After listening to Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s meditation (aptly themed “Hope in Uncertain Times”), I exercise my new mantra and my not-so-new body by walking to work – the long way!

I now know every inch of footpath within a 4-5 km radius of my abode. I can chat to my hubby about what’s for dinner (he joins me going “to” work) and my neighbour about what her hubby’s cooking for dinner (she joins me coming home “from” work).

It’s great to be near nature, discovering local parks, listening to noisy birds and admiring the streetscapes of my neighbourhood. Just after Easter, I even found a cute rabbit.

On the weekends, I still need to do my “work” commute! If I don’t, I feel like something is missing.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Stacey - who would have ever thought that so many people would end up loving their commute to work! You have really captured how, despite the initial thought of many that teleworking might be a lonely experience, in fact it can be completely the opposite - and with the added bonus of making more local connections than is possible when rushing to the office and back. I'd love to know the bunny's name! and....... ka-ching - there is another 25 points to the Town of East Freo!

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Bunny's name is Darcy. Darcy is now being fostered through a rabbit rescue group awaiting a permantent home. She had been on the run for about 4.5 months they think!

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