Sunshine to my rainy day

Stacey Towne
Town of East Fremantle

Adversity can sometimes create wonderful opportunities for humans to shine and bring forth great joy. On my recent commute home from work by foot, a sudden rain storm caught me unawares and unprepared. Minus an umbrella, I was getting quite wet and so I stood under a street tree for a while. I soon decided this was not a good idea when the lightning started to flash and I started to consider some alternatives.

I noticed the little house infront of me had a verandah and the front door was open, indicating that someone was home. I knocked and asked the owner if she would mind if I took shelter under her verandah, to which she heartily agreed. She made a comfy spot on her day bed for me to sit, then disappeared inside. A short time later she emerged with a tray holding a refreshing cold drink of water in a fancy vodka bottle, at which we both laughed. The rain soon stopped and I continued my journey home, dry and happy to have been on the receiving end of a lovely act of kindness.

The following day on my walk to work, I passed by that little house and could not go past without placing a frangipani on the letterbox to show a gesture of gratitude. This is the story of my commute and I hope it conveys a message of how nice things can eventuate when you least expect...

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James (Your Move)

Hi Stacey and all at the Town of East Freo - and welcome back to Your Move for 2020. You have the honour of posting the very first Your Move 'My Commute' story - and what a heart warming vignette it is! Thanks so much for sharing your rainy day experience, not only are you sharing the love but you also earned yourself a bonus 25 points! Hope to see you again soon on Your Move.

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