A behaviour change story - Bust a Move participant feedback

Nichola Brydon
Town of Victoria Park

Anonymous staff member:

I have been commuting to work mostly in my private car, and occasionally, using public transport.

During the period when the Town embarked upon experimenting with ‘Bust a Move’ initiative and encouraged staff to embrace the use of public transport as a mode of commuting to and from work, my associated travel involved greater use of trains and buses. Gradually, I introduced some other travel options. My partner used to drop me at work on some days. On some others, one of the workmates, travelling in the same direction, dropped me closer to my home in the evening.

These diverse range of travel options bring with them, a number of other benefits. 10 - 15 minutes of walk to the nearest bus stop or train station has contributed to my fitness plan. I have had the opportunity to catch up with some of my neighbours whom I may not see for months. Watching people of different age groups and how they spend their time while travelling is a picture of diverse interactions within our community - conversations between people sitting next to each other, phone calls to distant acquaintances, and text messaging with global friends. Teenagers happily offering their seats to the elderly or to a mother with a toddler that is reciprocated by a sincere ‘thank you’ or ‘God bless you’ - further develop faith in our community and moral values; and strengthen the belief that the upcoming generation will continue making this world a better place to live in.

I admit that I miss this human touch when travelling by myself in a (five seater) car.

Even though the first stage of ‘Bust a Move’ initiative has come to an end, I continue to enjoy travel to and from work by public transport. My public transport trips have become a regular feature of my weekly travel.

On balance, this experience often reminds me of the saying: It is not just the destination but the journey that makes our life more meaningful.

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Anonymous, I just love how you have re-discovered the sense of community; especially those kind acts from teenagers who all to often are lumped into a less than positive category! Who knows you might just get a chance to smell those fragrant roses!

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Kylie (Your Move)

What a fabulous testimonial. Thanks so much for sharing to both Nichola and your anonymous staff member.

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Beautifully written by this lovely man!

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