Bust a Move pilot success

Nichola Brydon
Town of Victoria Park

 Results from Bust a Move


‘Most sustainable trips made’ - Louis Blackwell made 40 trips in 4 weeks, mostly by public transport and a handful of trips made with an electric bike (won a $40 Coles voucher)

'Biggest behaviour change' - the most sustainable or active trips made by someone who used to drive their car to work was Ee Leen Roycroft. Ee Leen car pooled 34 times in 4 weeks. (won a Rebel voucher)


Some other fun facts……….

- 29 staff in total participated

- 12 were currently travelling to work sustainably or actively already

- 17 staff were new travel behaviour participants

- 9 staff car pooled together

- 5 staff we actively travelling to work (walked/cycled)

- 11 used public transport (with the Smart Rider subsidy - $100 credit)

- 4 tried the ‘park and walk’ method (parked at least 1km from the admin centre and walked)


Over the 4 weeks, an impressive 624 sustainable or active trips were made by the 29 participants!!!!!!!

306 of the active/sustainable trips were by the new travel behaviour participants (they would have driven in otherwise) 194 car pooling trips were made, 122 walking trips, 218 public transport trips, 111 cycling trips and 132 park and walk trips.


Some other outcomes from the program:

- There was a positive cultural shift at ToVP admin centre

- The staff car park was looking less congested!

- A buzz was created in the workplace

- More employees are now educated and empowered to use alternative modes

- Champions and advocates are leading the way


The future of program is currently being decided :) 

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Justine (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your success Nic :). Great to hear that your 29 champions got a buzz going in the office. I wonder if they are keen to continue to play an active role in the next iteration of Bust a Move?

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