Car Free Day in Vic Park

Caden McCarthy
Town of Victoria Park

The first Car Free Day on the Albany Hwy cafe strip was hosted this October by the Vic Park Collective with support from the Town of Victoria Park. The day was a huge success with thousands of people enjoying a range of activities on the street without the burden of traffic.

Locals could enjoy a range of activities throughout the day including yoga, swing dancing and roller hockey to name a few. Businesses were also able to spill onto the street and enjoy the luxury of more space.

As the Day moved into night, more people came out to enjoy dinner and be entertained by street performers. People of all ages enjoyed the event with a steady flow of human traffic throughout the afternoon and evening.

The event was able to showcase how the street can be used differently if it was ever closed to traffic. With significant support from businesses and residents, the Town is keen to build momentum from the events success and demonstrate the benefits of less cars in our activity centres.

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James (Your Move)

Hey Caden! Great to see Vic Park is back on Your Move for 2020 - and what an event for your big comeback! Excellent that the Town was a big supporter of this event - and the photos really bring your story to life showing all those locals out and about on their feet, with their scooters and prams, and I have no doubt that the bike parking was overflowing too. You have earned 25 points for supporting and promoting this event, 10 points for the 'wider benefits' to the community (more than just to the ToVP) and another 10 for giving us an engaging read. Looking forward to hearing any more updates you have in the pipeline!

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